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8 Dating Rules that’ll Help You Find Love in Kiev

A sweet couple out on a date in Kiev.
Kiev Personals Learn how to successfully charm a Ukrainian girl from Kiev.

Kiev—a place famous for its golden dome churches, impressive Soviet architecture, street art, and the deepest subway station in the world. Yet those aren’t the only things Kiev is known for. It is also a place where you can find the most beautiful women in Ukraine.

No matter how old you are, you will definitely be able to find Kiev women who are willing to go out with a courteous gentleman. However, there are things you need to know to successfully charm a Kiev woman into a date:

1. Make the first move.

In Ukraine, it is expected for a man to make the first move. It is highly unlikely for a woman to approach you first since Ukrainians believe that a lady should be modest. This direct approach also shows how much you are interested in her.

2. Go on a tour.

Since June 2017, Ukrainians have been able to travel to EU countries without a visa and are offered cheap prices for tickets. You can take this as an opportunity to take your Kiev woman out for a European tour on Valentine’s Day. Most Kiev women love traveling; so if you’re a traveler yourself, that’s a major plus!

3. Connect with her intellectually.

Ukrainians aren’t just all looks. They are known to be highly intelligent, sophisticated, and cultured women. If you talk about art or literature, you will definitely get their attention. Keeping the conversation lively would definitely go a long way in making the date entertaining.

4. Give tokens of affection.

Chocolates, wine, sweets, little trinkets, or inexpensive jewelry are some of the gifts you can give to a Kiev woman for Valentine’s Day. The ultimate token is flowers, of course. You can do no wrong with a bouquet of roses. The point is to make your date nights extra special with these mementos.

5. Don’t let chivalry die.

A Kiev woman is independent, but when you’re dating one, do not let her move a finger as much as possible. You don’t have to go all out. Just simple gestures will do, such as opening the door, pulling out her chair before sitting, carrying her bag for her, etc. More importantly, pick up the tab. Asking a Kiev woman to split the check is a big turn off. Ukraine is ridiculously cheap. If you’re on a budget, you only have to spend around $2 to $3 (USD). So just pay the bill and don’t worry.

6. Kisses on the cheek and casual hugs are frowned upon.

In Kiev’s dating culture, these gestures are considered highly intimate. Even holding her hand show intimacy. Just be a gentleman and don’t expect any of these gestures to happen. However, if she would allow you to kiss her, it means you have proven yourself worthy and made her feel you are serious about her.

7. Show her you’re serious.

Most Kiev women dream about getting married and having kids. They are only interested in men whom they can build a future with. Talking about wanting to settle down will make you appear extremely attractive. Make her feel like you want a family with her. On top of that, mention that you always dreamed of marrying a Ukrainian and you’d be on a roll.

8. Keep the relationship alive.

If you succeed in asking your dream Kiev woman out and you receive that seal of intimacy, the next thing to do is to keep the fire burning. Simple acts (like texting or leaving love notes for her, sharing breakfast in bed, or giving her a massage) go a long way. Remember, keep the romance alive

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