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History of Kiev - The Historically Beautiful Past of Kiev

History of Ukraine
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Kiev is strategically situated by the river Dnieper and is one of the most important cities in Ukraine. It played a great role in the trade links of the country in the past. Kiev is popularly known as the “Mother of Russian cities” and is considered one of the oldest towns in Europe.

Kiev has a land area of 839 sq. km with an estimated population of 2,887,974. Kiev is widely known for its religiously influenced architecture, historical museums, and its beautiful and smart women. In order for you to fully understand why and how Kiev become the ideal city that it is today, travel back in time by reading the following paragraphs found below.

This historical city was first founded during the mid-6th century. The city was founded by three brothers namely, Kyi, Schek, and Khoryv, along with their sister Lybed. It was named after Kyi, in honor of him. The city’s name is spelled in Ukraine as “Kyiv”, which means “The city of Kyi”.

Since then, ancient tribes have gathered around the city, making it the Eastern Slav political center by the end of the 9th century. Christianity was also introduced to this city in 988 by the great Prince Vladimir. It became the city’s official religion and is still being practiced today. This also helped establish early political and cultural relations with some states.

However, the city started to decline when Prince Vladimir Monomakh died in 1152. The Byzantine Empire and Bulgaria started to rule over the city and by 1240, the city was taken over by Batu Khan. Then during 1362, the Great Duke of Lithuania ruled over the city and for more than a hundred years, it was under the rule of Lithuanian and Polish dukes.

It was only during the 14th century when Ukraine began to build up its foundation once more. This was made possible through the help they received from Russia. As a result of this, the country as a whole, will always be linked to Russia when talking about its history and past.

Due to their history, everything was hard for Kiev and its people. However, their difficult past is what shaped them into the strong people that they are today. Kiev women were greatly affected during those hard times as well, and they were tasked mainly to attend to the needs of their fellow men.

This has helped shaped them to become independent, self-reliant, and nurturing women, which is why they are often considered as ideal partners, mothers, and wives. As such, it’s no wonder why Kiev brides are one of the most sought-after brides all over the world.

Despite the many struggles and difficulties they underwent in the past, Ukraine continued to thrive and grow. It was only during the collapse of the Soviet Union on August 24, 1991, that Kiev was able to break free from the ongoing war. It was on this historic date that Ukrainians were finally able to gain their independence.

Kiev Back in the Days

An astounding museum in Kiev
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Despite all the hardships they faced, Kiev still managed to remain steadfast when it came to commercial and cultural aspects. In the past, it had one of the widest foreign, and commercial trade links with other countries and states. This occurred because of its strategic location, which also helped bridge the gap between the Vikings and the Greeks as well.

The city’s development escalated through Grand Duke, Vladimir the Great’s rule. It was under his rule that it became the most prolific shopping center of Europe. It was also considered the center for artisan, trade, and culture. In addition, it was also the largest center of civilization in the Eastern Christian world.

Due to these developments, it became the cradle of the modern Ukrainian nation. Despite the fact that Kiev was ruled over by different nations, they still managed to preserve their identity and culture. This includes their dating and marriage culture, which contains practices that are still being observed today.

Moreover, Kiev suffered a lot of problems after the war ended. It was not easy for them, since they had to establish many aspects of their city once more. The past wars caused a lot of damages within the city and while Kiev is rich of architectural treasures, nearly all of them were destroyed during the war. As a result, the city had to undergo a major restoration to reinstate it to its former glory.

Kiev also had a lot of transitions after the war, which includes the market economy. Their market economy underwent a major decline, since their industry mainly relied on armaments. As a result, it affected the advancements of the city’s science and technology. However, the economy was still able to bounce back because of other investments that were made, and various infrastructures that were established.

It was challenging for the people in Kiev to adapt to the new political government. Kiev transformed from dictatorship to electoral democracy, following the war. Despite the many adjustments and challenges they faced, the city’s transition and development was successful, and this is most apparent in how the city is today.

Modern Day Kiev

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A city that was once war-stricken was finally able to bounce back. The wars and the shakiness that Kiev experienced are now just a closed chapter in the city’s beautiful history. Nowadays, when you walk through the city streets, it’s as if walking back in time through the city’s history, since their past is still very evident through its people, architecture, culture, and more.

At present day, Kiev has become one of the most historic and steadfast cities in the world. It has a lot to offer as well; from its fascinating architectural wonders, to its noteworthy museums, and many more sites that will truly capture your attention and interest. As such, it comes as no surprise that it is one of the most visited cities in Ukraine today.

In terms of economy, Kiev is still undoubtedly one of the cities with the stablest economy in Ukraine. This is through the efforts of all the Kiev people who remain hardworking and persistent. It is still considered the most industrialized city, which is why it’s the scientific and cultural center of Eastern Europe. This is all thanks to Kiev’s past.

Tourism is also booming in the city. There are many places that you should go to when you stop by for a visit. It contains a lot of theaters, soaring bell towers, enchanting cathedrals, and mysterious underground caves. Among these captivating sites, you will also be fascinated with beautiful and smart Kiev single ladies. These women are not only naturally beautiful, they also possess extraordinary personalities and traits that are greatly admired by men from across the world.

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