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Relationship Tips | Things to Remember to Keep Your Ukrainian Woman Happy

A beautiful Ukrainian woman seductively posing for a photo.
Kiev PersonalsFind out how how to keep a relationship intimate and romantic
with our helpful tips.

Romance, an emotional feeling so mundane that most couples tend to neglect it. But the lack of romance in a relationship can be the cause of its demise. One of the secrets on how to keep a relationship strong and enduring is making sure that romance never dies down.

This is especially true when dating in Ukraine because most Ukrainian girls are true romantics. You don’t want to be that guy who only exerts romantic efforts during the early stages of the relationship. If anything, the longer you are together the more you need to keep romance and intimacy alive and burning.

But how exactly do you keep that going? Here are some of the best ways to keep the romance alive:


Ukrainian women admire honesty; clear intentions are everything. Being honest is a guaranteed way for you to earn her trust. Their beauty and kindness are recognized worldwide that, unfortunately, they do experience disappointments from men who aren't really looking for commitment. It has toughened them up. Don’t let this discourage you because, with all your efforts and honesty, they will let you in. Once you’re in, you’re in— she will pour everything she got towards you and your relationship.


But before you give red roses, you have got to think twice; giving only red roses makes her think that you’re giving flowers just for the heck of it. Better look into magnolias, orchids, tulips, and carnations. If you want to delve in deeper to the art of giving flowers, look into Floriography; you can then send her cryptic poetry in the form of flowers.

Here are the best days to give her flowers:


Ukraine’s language doesn’t have to be hard to learn. Yes, it has a different alphabet. But it is easy to learn, especially when you want to see that sweet smile on her face and understand her in her mother tongue at the same time. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself though, she has heard of people saying it is hard to learn; instead, make time to learn and speak the basics that are often used. You’ll get there. Remember this is among the many things you can do to make her happy.

Don’t just stop there. Read about the History of Kiev and the Ukrainian dating culture if you haven’t already because this will give you ideas on what more to learn about.


For every Ukrainian woman, it’s preferable for her family to accept you. It’s not a tough job as long as you express your sincerity and commitment towards their beloved daughter. But a more sensible way is to bring them into the picture by making an effort in remembering not only their name. Know their birthdays, family occasions, and holidays that you take every chance to give them gifts or join in activities that can help you get to know them better. Let them know that you can help as best as you can whenever they need any kind of help; therefore, keep in touch with them.

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