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Top 6 Date Destinations in Kiev

One of the romantic spots in Kiev.
Kiev PersonalsTake your date to some romantic spots in Kiev.

One of the perks of foreign dating is you have the perfect excuse to visit various attractions. And why shouldn’t you? After all, travelling is one way of strengthening your ties between you are your date. With that said, Kiev, Ukraine is definitely a place worth visiting. The country’s capital is one of Europe’s hidden gems, so you might as well take the time to explore the city.

If you are planning on a more romantic rendezvous with your Ukrainian date, here are some places to take her to:

  1. 1. Vino e Cucina

    You can do no wrong taking her to one of the finest restaurants in Kiev. This restaurant serves some of the finest Italian wine and dishes. Just imagine having to pick over 1000 bottles of vino and 100 champagnes. This establishment also serves an array of dishes, the most famous of which is their beef tartare. You can definitely get to know her better over a high-class gourmet meal.

  2. 2. Lovers’ Bridge

    Ever since the release of the Spanish novel Tre Metri Sopra il Cielo (Three Steps Over Heaven), more and more Europeans are signifying their love by tying ribbons or hanging padlocks on bridges. Naturally, Kiev is no exception.

    Lovers’ Bridge is located along Park Road in Mariinsky Park. This bridge was constructed in 1912 by Professor Paton. It was heavily damaged during WWII but restoration efforts made it return to its former glory. Aside from hanging padlocks, another way couples could express their love is to actually kiss on the bridge. Locals believe whoever you share a kiss with on the bridge will remember you forever.

  3. 3. Hryshko National Botanic Garden

    If you fancy a stroll through nature, then there is no place more natural than the Hryshko National Botanic Garden. While there are plenty of trees and shrubs to see, this garden is mostly known for its collection of flora, which were collected from different parts of the world. This place is most popular during early May because the Magnolias are in full bloom. Rather than just giving her a bouquet of flowers, why not take her to a botanical garden instead?

  4. 4. Fountain of Desires

    Perhaps a little luck is all you need for the relationship to be a success. If you’re a believer of luck, destiny and miracles, you can head on to the Fountain of Desires and make a wish. This is located at the Intercontinental Hotel in Kiev. What makes this fountain stand out from others in the world is its 21 gold bowls, all of which contain an image of Nike, the Greek goddess of victory. This is a common stopover among couples who wish to have a long and lasting relationship.

    5. Zamkova Hora

    Take your date to Zamkova Hora for a spectacular view of the city and Dnipro River. All it takes to reach the top is to climb up 120 steps. For those who aren’t familiar, Zamkora Hora is a treeless hill that overlooks Ukraine’s capital. It is also where Vytautas’ castle used to be, who was the Grand Duchess of Lithuania.

  5. 6. Landscape Alley

    If you have an eye for art, then you can definitely visit this alley. Landscape Alley was originally built so visitors have a great view of Dnieper River. While it still serves its intended purpose to this day, various artists have also displayed their works in this area throughout the years. Now, with so much artworks to see, Landscape Alley has now been dubbed an open museum. The best part is you can take all sorts of pictures with your date and create even more memories.

    If you are in town for a date with a Ukrainian woman, then you should definitely visit any of these places. She’ll definitely find these places romantic and enchanting. The best part is Ukrainian women are not that hard to please, so as long as you put in some effort, she will most definitely appreciate you regardless on where you take her out on a date to.

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