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Online Dating: The “Dont’s” of Talking to Foreign Women

If you are planning to date (and possibly marry) a foreign woman, you may have considered getting on a dating app or website.

Nowadays, these sites are the go-to places for people looking for love. Just open your phone, download an app or open a website, and create a dating profile. Once that’s done, you can start communicating with foreign women online.

But this is only the beginning of your dating journey. Being able to talk to women on these sites is only the first step.

To turn your online interaction into a meaningful romantic relationship, you have to make the right impression.

So, to help you, here is a list of how NOT to approach a foreign woman on these dating websites:

Mad Girl

  1. Don’t make assumptions about them.

For starters, hold back on the stereotypes. Don’t assume that a specific foreign woman looks and acts the same as what the media portrays her to be.

Latinas, for instance, are not all as fierce as Sofia Vergara’s character in Modern Family. In actuality, many Latinas are sweet and innocent while also being educated and intelligent.

Don’t begin with an assumption in mind. Instead, ask her more about herself. This is why you are talking to her on these dating sites. Use this to get to know her better.

And if you really want to know if she does something stereotypical, frame it in a way that doesn’t make you look bad.

Don’t say, “Is it true that all Latin folks are good dancers?” Instead, ask if she knows how to dance and if she can help you learn how to.

  1. Don’t try to educate her about her culture.

Your goal is to impress her. In doing so, you may want to tell her something about her culture that you have read or learned from the Internet.

Doing this is fine. It can be a good conversation starter. It may even give her the impression that you are really interested in her.

But don’t try to show that you know more about her culture than her. Some men do this and it doesn’t end well.

Besides, regardless of what you read, this information may be wrong or may not contain the full details since you haven’t experienced it firsthand.

  1. Don’t hide your intentions.

Women from Latin America, Asia, and Eastern Europe are very particular with the men they talk to online.

She won’t just date you because she is interested in you. She wants to know your intentions first. Are you casually dating or are you up for something serious?

If you are looking for something long term, tell her. This won’t just save her time looking for another potential partner. This can also help with your chances of getting a response from her.

  1. Don’t talk about sensitive topics.

Generally, you don’t want a foreign woman to be uncomfortable with your conversations. You want her to feel at ease.

To ensure that the former won’t happen, avoid these sensitive topics: politics, sex, religion, etc.

Of course, you need to talk about some of these as you move forward with your relationship. But avoid this at the moment since you are still in the getting-to-know phase.

Avoid looking like a bad date online

Talking to a foreign woman online is the same as conversing with them offline.

Just show her some respect. Avoid doing the things listed above and make your conversation as comfortable as possible.

You may not know this, but your online conversation helps in moving your relationship forward. The more you create a stronger bond with her online, the more she wants to see you in person.

Like most men who have dated foreign women, your virtual relationship can lead to marriage.

Searching for your future foreign bride-to-be? Check out the women’s profiles page to start your international dating journey.

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