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Things You Should Know About Ukraine’s Saint Valentine’s Day

February 14th is nearing! Do you have a date for that day?

If you decide to go abroad, Ukraine is the best place to be for Saint Valentine’s Day. Not just because it’s generally a beautiful place to be, but also because of the many Ukrainian women that roam the streets. You never know who you might bump into. Maybe the love of your life?

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Kiev Personals Celebrate Saint Valentine’s Day in Ukraine!

As we all know, Ukraine is filled to the brim with beautiful women looking for a man to marry, mostly due to the men-to-women ratio. So what better way to spend your Valentine’s than in a place like Ukraine?

One city we highly recommend is Kiev. So do yourself a favor by getting some research done before giving this incredibly beautiful city a visit.

If you do succeed and get a date, you should probably know what Ukraine does on a holiday like the day of love. This is so you know what to do for the date and you don’t disappoint your Ukrainian lady. Some of these beautiful women are known to have high expectations, especially since Valentine’s Day is supposedly a day for romance.

Places to Go in Ukraine for Valentine’s

In Ukraine, there are places that are known to have romantic significance and therefore perfect for a Valentine’s Day date. Let’s get down to the list so you can take your pick on where to go.

  1. Rivno District’s Tunnel of Lovers

What was once a subway is now a tunnel filled with plants and vines surrounding the area, making way for a magical experience. As soon as you step foot into it, you’ll feel like you’re entering a different world.

There is a legend that if lovers pass through the tunnel and make a wish, their wish will come true.

  1. Zaporizhzhya’s Bridge of Lovers

Situated in Voznesensk Park close to the Dnieper river bank, the Bridge of Lovers has been popular among couples for years. It is especially amazing on Valentine’s Day, as it is situated next to a cascade of waterfalls and has a tendency to look like a rainbow because of the lights around it, specifically during night time.

  1. Tarnopolsky Pond’s Island of Lovers

If you can go to Tarnopolsky Pond, go to the island in the middle. That is what they call the Island of Lovers. It is basically a park for couples and was made during World War II, filled with poplars, birches, and willows, and some scattered benches here and there.

Gifts You Should Give

You probably already know what to give her, especially since these items are going to be sold everywhere the closer we are to February 14.

But just in case you’re unsure of what to choose, here are a few things to get your date:

  1. Flowers
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Kiev Personals Red roses are never absent on such a day as February 14!

Flowers are the most abundant during Valentine’s Day and can be bought almost anywhere in the country. Some flower shops sell them with discounts, as they have their own special rates for the holiday.

What you want to give her are red roses. They symbolize love the most and are the most common to give to a lover or significant other. Other flowers are okay, but just in case your girl is savvy on flower-speak, get ones that symbolize love and affection such as:

You can decide to add more if you want, or better yet, ask the florist. They are more knowledgeable about it and will even educate you about them. They might even give you tips on how to arrange your bouquet as well as give you options on how to make the entire thing pretty and presentable.

  1. Chocolates

You can never go wrong with chocolates. Why? Because the majority of women around the world love the stuff. Make sure you give her a box of chocolates along with your bouquet when you meet for the day. And if you really want to make her happy, get her a basket of it.

Some malls will sell chocolates in baskets while other shops will make you custom-made boxes shaped like hearts and such. You can choose to purchase these too and she will still appreciate you for the sweet gesture (literally and figuratively!). If you want to give her a small box of chocolates though, it would be the perfect addition to the flowers you’ll be giving her.

  1. Teddy Bear

Go big or go home is what I say. Small teddy bears are cute and manageable, but a bigger one is always going to give you a great response. Plus, you’ll be able to see her walk around the mall or at a park carrying your lovely present with delight. Nothing is more adorable than seeing a lady carrying a giant teddy bear around on Valentine’s Day.

You don’t have to worry about where to look for one because lots of them are sold in malls before Valentine’s Day. They are also available in a variety of colors and sizes. Before you give your teddy bear to your special someone, you can write a simple message on a card or even tuck a rose between the bear’s arms.

In fact, buy the flowers and the chocolates along with the teddy bear. It’s a complete set for the gift itself anyway. One just cannot exist without the other two.

Make Sure to Give Her Lots of Attention This Valentine’s

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Kiev Personals Ukrainian women appreciate your attention more than anything!

During your Valentine’s Day date, make sure you treat her right. Make reservations early and book a hotel or spa so you can do more than just giving gifts and having dinner.

After all, why would you be less of a gentleman to the woman you like? So don’t neglect her when you two are on a date.

Of course, it’s difficult not to pay attention to your date, but sometimes men tend to neglect being a gentleman because they’re just so smug about having a date in general. This makes them arrogant and slightly dismissive on a date sometimes.

At the end of the night, after the candlelit dinner where you two just spend a romantic evening over red wine and some delicious steak, you’ll be retreating to your hotel room. Don’t forget to be a gentleman even then. If you want a chance at another date with her, don’t forget your manners.

Aside from all that, the courting and wooing are all up to you. Sweep her off her feet, make her laugh, and make sure she has a great time. And have fun while you’re at it. This is your date too.

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