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Dating Ukrainian Women | Signs That She Isn't Happy with You

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Kiev PersonalsKnow how to save your relationship when dating Ukrainian
women by watching out for these signs.

Ukrainian women are highly attractive both inside and out. Their beautiful features are matched with a warm and compassionate personality that would put the sun to shame. They’re easy to be with, they’re smart, and they find happiness in taking the supportive role for the right man who treats them well.

But it’s not every day that a relationship goes smoothly, and it’s not uncommon to wake up one day to find out that it may be on the rocks already. So it’s best not to wait for that day to come. If you’re currently in a romantic relationship with a Ukrainian woman, and you want to make sure that it works out, here are some signs to look out for to know if she’s starting to feel unhappy:

  1. There are changes in communication.
    Communication is a strong bonding factor for everyone who wants to get closer with someone; it’s even more critical when dating women from Kiev, Ukraine. These stunning ladies don’t spend time conversing with people they barely know. But they’re very warm towards the people they’re close to.

    So when there are negative changes in your communication with one another; for instance, she takes too long to respond to your texts and calls or she’s becoming secretive in the things she does and the way she responds to you, then it’s most likely a sign that she may be starting to feel indifferent towards you or your relationship.

  2. Intimacy is at an all time low.
    You will always want to feel loved and wanted by your special someone. Getting intimate is one of the best ways to express your passion towards each other. When romance dies in a relationship, it tends to cause complications. But there are various reasons as to why the level of intimacy starts to decrease. It may have something to do with her hormones, the way you’ve been treating her, or the way she feels about the relationship in general.

    So try to check if she’s taking birth pills or any medications because it can affect a woman’s libido. Then reflect on the way you’ve been treating her, perhaps you forgot something important or you may have done something that offended her? If you’re sure that you have been good to her, then you’ll have to talk to her because she’s more likely to be unhappy with you.

  3. There are no more follow-ups.
    It always feels nice to share deep and meaningful conversations with someone you see as your potential lifetime partner. That’s why aside from these moments, you start getting used to telling each other about your daily routine and what you’re up to these days. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve known each other, or that you’re already familiar with each other’s patterns. You just never get tired of letting each other know.

    But if this routine has become one-sided for days or weeks now, you must consider talking about it with her. Let her know how you feel. Think of some alternative options you can both agree on for you to be able to resolve the issue.

  4. She picks fights too often.
    Couples who maintain open communication and are always compromising typically have fights that are to a bare minimum. There are also couples who don’t fight at all. But it’s important to be mindful of the reasons behind this. Either they genuinely agree on things or they just hate confrontation that they tolerate things they’re uncomfortable with only to blow up later on.

    Picking fights constantly, however, is a different matter. If you find that she’s almost always moody around you no matter how much you comfort her, then that just goes to show that she’s probably not happy with your relationship.

These are just some common signs that Ukrainian women give out when there’s something bothering them. Don’t let it get worse. When you notice any of these signs, do something about it. Don’t let your relationship go to waste. And if you’re still single but wish to find love among beautiful Ukrainian women, sign up on our site today and go meet one you’d like to go out with!

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